West Side Church

Loving, Living, Serving, Growing


We are a small group of people, of varied ages and diverse backgrounds, who want to live out our faith in all that we do.  We have about 30 church members, but involve many more through the ways we work within the local community.

We see church as:

 an extended family.  Where everyone, men, women and children play their part, according to their gifts and abilities.

 involved in their community.  Bringing practical, prayerful and inclusive activities that demonstrate God’s love for everyone.

 part of a larger whole.  We are informally linked with churches of a similar outlook and are committed to playing our part in the wider church in Wandsworth, joining with them for a range of events.

 world-wide.  We support poverty relief and outreach projects overseas as well as supporting specific people in their  ministries abroad.  We are twinned with a church in Senegal to share news, prayer and visits.

We don’t belong to a particular denomination, but affirm mainstream Christian beliefs (we are associated with the Evangelical Alliance) and have our own autonomous non-ordained leadership team of men and women.