We are a relatively small but committed group of Christians of varied ages and diverse backgrounds, who live out our faith in all we do. Affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance, our church is relaxed and welcoming with non-ordained leaders who teach mainstream Christian belief through Bible scripture and worship. We see ourselves as an extended family, with everyone having a part to play according to their interests and abilities. As a church we’re also committed to demonstrating God’s love for everyone through practical, prayerful interaction within the local community and as part of the wider church in Wandsworth.  We also fund poverty relief and support specific ministries around the world, including our twin church in Senegal. Although a small church, we encompass many more people through our work here and abroad.


-  To honour God in all aspects of our lives as part of God’s family.
-  To help each other grow as Christians - discovering and experiencing a deeper understanding in our journey with God.
-  To enable others to experience life in Jesus by affirming Him through our actions and sharing his life-changing goodness.
-  To serve and make a positive a difference at church, at home, at work and in the wider community.


At the heart of all we do is a focus on God at work in our lives and within the community. Whether through our Sunday Kidz club and weekly youth groups, our popular and long-established toddler group and work with Swaffield School or our Christian-based Westside football club, we demonstrate the power and positivity of Christian faith and invite others to discover for themselves.