West Side Church

Loving, Living, Serving, Growing


The church building was built in 1899 (with a significant rebuild following bomb damage during World War II), to serve the new housing development to the west of Wandsworth Common, at first called Brambleberry Hall, then from 1901, Victoria Hall, and changing its name to West Side Church in 1987.

It began as a non-denominational evangelical church, and after three years was bought by a group who developed it as an Open Brethren assembly.  The Open Brethren movement were committed to a reliance on the Bible, the importance of celebrating communion together in a simple way, involvement and participation by all members, and a team of overseers rather than a single ordained minister.

Over the hundred years, there has usually been a strong emphasis on children’s ministry and outreach to others, although numbers have fluctuated with changing circumstances.

Today, while some of the early Open Brethren practices are no longer followed, the core values remain, so we continue the tradition of a team of leaders, but now including men and women; weekly communion; an active focus on children and wanting all those who are able to use their gifts within church life.