Towards the end of the 19th century Wandsworth was the centre of a new suburban housing development and in the midst of this ambitious building project, a chapel was built in 1899, strategically placed on the corner of Melody Road and Westside. Named Brambleberry Hall at its inception, its name was changed to Victoria Hall to mark the great Queen’s death in 1901, and then finally to West Side church in 1987.


Originally a non-denominational evangelical church it later became an 'Open Brethren' assembly with church leaders rather than ordained ministers, committed to Bible study, sung worship and community outreach – core values which remain to this day.

The 1920’s and 1930’s saw the church flourish with an emphasis on children’s ministry. However, the 1940’s were not so fertile with WW2 having a profound effect.  Many church members were never to return from the war and some families decided to move out of London altogether. The building itself was damaged in an air raid in April 1941.

Since the completion of the reconstruction and extension to the original building in 1957 the church and its congregation have seen many changes. Much of the old Brethren practices have gone, replaced by more open, inclusive worship as it moved towards becoming an Independent Evangelical church.

Although membership numbers have fluctuated over the years mirroring the shifts in our wider society, a strong and faithful following has ensured the original values of non-ordained leaders, communion, child-focussed youth work and community outreach have remained core pillars of our church.